To participate, attendees have the option to speak as part of a self-organized 4-part minisymposium or submit a poster.  We ask that each attendee participate with either one talk or one poster.

WE ARE AT CAPACITY! No new registrations will be accepted, however minisymposium speakers that have not registered can email directly their registration information:
– Name and Institution
– Title and Abstract
– student/postdoc/faculty

The organizer of each minisymposium is responsible for registering the minisymposium using the link below.  Only one minisymposium registration is needed per minisymposium, the organizer will list all four speakers (one speaker may be the organizer).  We cannot accommodate multi-part minisymposium, but encourage you to select a different organizer for each 4-part minisymposium.

REGISTER A MINISYMPOSIUM for the 42nd SIAM Southern Atlantic Sectional Conference

Each participant must submit a registration using the link below, as well as make their payment online through the link to Brown Paper Ticket.  Minisymposium speakers will need the minisymposium title to register.  Participants may also choose to register without participating in a talk or poster, but will still need to pay the registration fee.

REGISTER for the 42nd SIAM Southern Atlantic Sectional Conference

In addition to registering using the link above, all participants must pay the correct registration fee using the link below:
students $25
postdocs $50
faculty $75

PAY YOUR REGISTRATION for the 42nd SIAM Southern Atlantic Sectional Conference

A small number of travel support awards will be offered to people without the means to attend the conference.  More information coming soon.

Student Travel Awards

A number of travel awards will be granted on the basis of need.  To apply for funds, please email Greg Forest ( and Katie Newhall ( with the subject line “SIAM-SEAS 2018 Travel Award Application” the following information:

  • No more than half a page explanation of your need for funds.  i.e. mentor has no grant funds for travel
  • An estimate of the amount of funding required and steps taken to reduce this cost.  i.e. sharing room and/or carpooling
  • How you will be participating in the conference.  i.e. poster submission
  • Short, one paragraph letter or email of support from faculty mentor/supervisor/department chair.